After claiming that he went to Heaven and took pictures, Pastor Mboro is now saying that he lost the phone he used to take the pics while he was there.The prophet told dozens of journalists who attended his briefing session this morning that he took pictures while he was in heaven, but the pictures were available to those who were willing to pay a R5000 pledge.
Fake pictures of him in heaven soon started circulating the internet. Pastor Mboro promised to post the pictures for FREE on his Facebook page this week for everyone to see. But unfortunately, we won’t be able to see those pictures anymore as his phone was stolen while he was washing his car in a car-wash in Katlehong.
“The pictures were really there, I saw them. We suspect one of the boys washing the Prophet’s car took the phone. But they all denied taking it, even after we threatened them.” said one of Mboro’s body guards. All those who have deposited money will be refunded.”
Source : News SA