According to a new report by TMZ, Prince's sister Tyka has filed legal docs to open a probate case ... and she says as far as she can tell he left no will. Read the report below... 
TMZ has obtained probate documents filed in Minnesota, in which Tyka asks the judge to appoint a "special administrator." Under Minnesota law, a special administrator is someone who is appointed when there is no executor named in a will.  
Tyka says in her docs, "I do not know of the existence of a will and have no reason to believe that the decedent executed testamentary documents in any form."
If Prince did indeed die without a will, the estate is divided equally among his siblings. 

Tyka lists the people who are potential beneficiaries ... all of whom are half brothers and sisters. They are John, Norrine, Sharon, Alfred and Omarr. They are all living siblings of Prince. She also says she's an heir entitled to her cut. 

It's interesting ... Tyka names Lorna as a deceased half sister who left no kids. Under Minnesota law Lorna's out of the game when it comes to getting assets. But Tyka never even mentions Duane, reportedly Prince's half brother, who is also deceased.

There's also a line in the docs in which Tyka says, "The decedent has heirs whose identities and addresses need to be determined."

Tyka then names Bremer Trust, National Association, which she wants to serve as the official administrator of Prince's estate. Tyka says she wants Bremer Bank because they have provided financial services to Prince for years, and they are well versed in his affairs and best suited to protect his assets

Prince net worth: $300 Million

Prince net worth: Prince was an American singer, songwriter, musician and actor who had a net worth of $300 million. Prince was born Prince Rogers Nelson on June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During his career, Prince sold more than 100 million albums worldwide and was one of the most successful concert acts of his time.

Prince's music style was influenced by rock, R&B, soul, New Wave, electronica, disco, funk, folk, jazz, rap, blues, psychedelia, and hip hop. Prince released his first album "For You" on April 17, 1978. Next, he released the self-titled album "Prince" in October 1979. This album catapulted him to fame with two top hits, "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?" and "I Wanna Be Your Lover." His career continued to be successful and he went on to release 30 additional albums, including legendary albums like 1999, Purple Rain, Diamonds and Pearls, and Emancipation. 

In the 90s, during a drawn out confrontation with his then recording company, Warner Bros, Prince changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol. At that time he was generally referred to as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. 

The recording artist reportedly has several hundred unreleased songs in his catalog. Prince founded his own label and recording studios Paisley Park Recordsand NPG Records, which he uses to self-produce, write his music. 

Prince was famous for playing most, if not all, of the instruments on his recordings. Prince won a Golden Globe, seven Grammy Awards, and an Academy Award during his career. 

Unfortunately, Prince died on April 21st, 2016 at the age of 57.