A semi-naked woman has glued her bottom to the Debenhams department store in Croydon.
The bizarre spectacle, apparently a protest,  attracted a crowd of onlookers in North End this afternoon.

Pictures were also posted online showing a grey-haired woman, standing on a stool and holding a microphone, speaking to passers-by.
She was wearing a sash reading "world's grumpiest old woman", and was reported to have been complaining "there was nothing on the telly".
Police were called to reports of a protest 12.40pm and were said to be "a bit confused".
Officers did not intervene as the woman was not fully naked but Debenhams staff tried to shield her from view with advertising signs.
The woman was wearing only a thong, a sash, and a wig covering her genitals.

Debenhams staff attempted to protect the woman's modesty, left, before she was "freed" from the window
Journalist Tom Mosley told the Croydon Guardian: "There was already quite a crowd when I turned up. When I was there she was shouting down the mic about police not getting enough respect.
"Staff stood in the way and stuck billboards in front of her, two police turned up and announced 'she's not naked' so did nothing. Four police in total on the scene. Amusing episode."

A Debenhams spokeswoman said: "It is great to hear that customers like our window displays so much that they would like to be part of it. 
"We can confirm that she will not be a permanent fixture."
Steven Walkden, 42, who runs the Magnetics Bracelet stall opposite the department store, said: "I don't know what she was on about.
"But I heard someone say she was moaning about there was nothing on the telly.
"I did hear her say she was going to come back any time she wanted to."
After police arrived and spoke to the woman, she sat on a bench near Mr Walkden's stall for about 15 minutes.
She then stood up, made another speech using her megaphone and amplifier, before walking away up North End.