Mshoza becomes wife number THREE for rich businessman

FADED Kwaito star Mshoza is a bronze medal marriage winner in Bergville, KZN.

Mshoza, (Nomasonto Maswanganyi) has found love with a married businessman, Thuthukani “Thuthu” Mvula of Umgamule Consulting.

Sources close to the situation say theKortess hitmaker will soon be
introduced as Thuthu’s third-ranked wife.

The source claimed Mshoza’s been secretly seeing Thuthu for months and ilobolo negotiations will start soon.

According to family insiders,
Thuthu’s gold-and-silver wives were unhappy when they discovered Mshoza was tipped to take bronze!

A well-placed source said: “Thuthu’s wives, Lwazi Mpungose and Dudu Ncube, left his Bergville home.”

This mole alleged Lwazi had gone home to Empangeni, and that Dudu’s living in Protea Glen, in Soweto.

“We no longer wonder who’s funding Mshoza’s lifestyle. Thuthu has money and he’s the right type of guy for her.

“The problem is he’s got two wives already, so Mshoza ranks as wife
number three.

“We heard ilobolo negotiations are under way,” said the source.

A family friend said Mshoza is more than willing to be wife number three.

“She’s so excited about the affair even though she’s acting cagey. It’s like the first time she fell in love. She’s very happy and calls Thuthu her “blesser”,” said the source.

The same source claimed Thuthu’s intention to hand Mshoza the bronze medal has ruined relations with his first two wives.

“Thuthu and Lwazi had a fight when he took Dudu as wife number two. He did that without asking her.

“Lucia went home, and she only came back recently. When she
returned, it was to the news that
Thuthu wants a third wife.

“As for Dudu, she just packed her bags and went home to Empangeni. Thuthu is childish. He should must sit down and consult with them and not just do as he pleases,” said the source.

The two wives couldn’t be reached for comment, but the SunTeam talked to their spokesman, Thuthu’s uncle, Mnqobi Mvula.

He said: “I’m not aware of wife number three. But I won’t be surprised by that.

“I know Thuthu and we’ve been trying to tell him to wed those two wives legally before he takes the third. What
happens now?

“MaMpungose left and came back and now MaNcube has left because they don’t like to be sidelined in every decision our son is taking.”

When called for comment, Thuthu denied having two wives but confirmed dating Mshoza.

“Yes! I’m dating Mshoza and I’m prepared to make her my wife. I don’t have two wives, and I’m separated from my first wife,” said Thuthu.

Mshoza would not talk, saying she’d wait until Sunday Sun had talked to Thuthu before giving a comment. But she failed to do so.