DJ Sbu may not be raking in the millions just yet but this does not mean he’s about to stop trying.
Last week Sbu, real name Sibusiso Leope, revealed that a year since launching energy drink product, MoFaya, he’s still broke as “AF.”
But if you thought that this would deter the Tembisa-born businessman in any way‚ think again.
In a lengthy Instagram post Sbu revealed the reasons why he will succeed‚ no matter how long it takes.
“That’s why I’m going to succeed. I’m unstoppable. I’ve got balls of steel. I’m too stubborn with my dreams. I don’t give up. I see what they can’t. They lack foresight. Heart of a lion. Spirit of a true warrior. I represent my generation. I’m the new face of entrepreneurship‚” he said.
“I know what I want and how to get it. I’m no loser. I’m no quitter. I’m not ordinary. I’m a douchebag. I’m crazy. I’m willing to do what many won’t.
Source : Sowetan