Long before she was known for her amazing singing and acting abilities‚ actress and singer Moneoa Moshesh-Sowazi was just another young woman stuck in a horrible relationship.

Popularly known for her role on Mzansi Magic’s The Road‚ Moneoa has become one of the countries most talked about young talent‚ leaving a trail of male admirers in her wake.
But speaking to Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral.com this week‚ Moneoa reveals that‚ when it comes to love‚ she has a dark history of heartbreak and betrayal.
“There was this boy and he distracted me. I fell in love. He was my first love and he broke my heart and traumatised me‚ Moneoa says.
Moneoa explains that he was a serial cheater who even went as far as to sleep with her best friend.
“He slept with my best friend after cheating on me with God knows who else. When I broke up with him‚ I broke up with him‚ because he had cheated on me with probably the tenth girl. But obviously I was in denial.”
When asked how she found out about the affair between her boyfriend and her best friend‚ Moneoa says that she was told by her best friend’s house mate and that everyone already knew except her.
She says when she confronted her best friend she though it might end in a physical altercation‚ but instead she burst into tears.
“We’re not friends any more. We will never be friends. She will never be a part of my life so I might as well forgive her.”
Moneoa says she has since gotten over the heartbreak‚ and is in the process of carving her own happily ever after.
Source : News