You know that moment when random people who should be on their best behaviour while trying to snag a date behave like inappropriately? 22-year-old Takara Allen had one such moment. She shared a screenshot of a conversation with her Tinder date who suggested she bleach her skin so as to look whiter and prettier.

The make-up artist, who lives in Adelaide, Australia, says she was left 'devastated' after being told she would look so much prettier if she was whiter.

After sharing the exchange, Takara vented her outrage in a long post on Facebook.

She wrote: 'What goes on in people's heads that makes them think this is okay to say to someone?
'As if people of colour don't already struggle enough with the pressure to conform to Eurocentric beauty ideals and standards, people like this add even more.'

Takara also ridiculed the man's claim that he didn't mean to cause her offence.
'How the F*** is this not offensive in your head?!' she wrote. 'Like literally how can you come to the conclusion that this is even true?

'I've grown up hearing "You'd be prettier if you were lighter" and "You're pretty for a black girl," as if black women are just generally unattractive, and so it's a surprise when one of us is.' 

Takara addressed the Tinder message again in a message posted on her Facebook page yesterday.
She said: 'This is a huge issue we deal with when dating/navigating the world in general and the darker you are the worse it gets.

'Black people's beauty is tied directly to blackness. We are not beautiful *in spite* of being black but rather *because* we're black. Don't get it twisted.'