A man who answered the call of nature got more than his bum would take after he was bitten by a snake as he sat to do his business.
Alfred Mchunu of Kwa Mhlanga, in Mpumalanga says he woke up at around 2am to relieve himself. The half sleepy man did not check before sitting toilet seat and before he would release the first ‘bomb’ he felt a sharp pain on his left bum. ‘I thought it was a mosquito but the pain worsened almost immediately’ the sobbing man said. The pain prompted him to check and that is when he came face to face with a hissing cobra. ‘I almost fainted’, he said.
Alfred then managed to gather enough energy to summon his wife who then called the ambulance and SPCA. Alfred was taken to the hospital and he was said to be out of danger.
The SPCA managed to retrieve the stubborn reptile from the toilet bowl.

Alfred however said he visited a sangoma who told him the snake was sent by his mother in law to kill him because he was not sending groceries to him. He vowed to revenge but refused to tell the iMzansi reporter what he meant.
Source : iMzansi