On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian West took to her website to clear up a number of recent headlines including the one which claimed that she had ‘ignored’ North West when fell while they were out and about. She said to her assistant Stephanie Shepherd:

“I just googled myself, which I haven’t done in years".
“Kim Kardashian ignores North West as she stumbles to the ground,” the headline reads.
She said North didn't really fall, that she was only playing around. She added:
"North does this thing where she - if people are holding her hands she's just wants to be like, ‘Swing me, carry me’. She didn't stumble, she was just playing around so she didn't stumble.
"It was a picture of me not looking at her. I was like, 'Northy, come on, stop,' and so I got my keys and I went to look forward and they got the picture of her being silly and her messing around and they were like, 'Kim doesn't even look around and she doesn't even care,' but she was just being silly.”
Then in regards to talks that claimed she and Kanye’s relationship was on the rocks, she said:
"I've definitely had my fair share of dramatic relationships. "But honestly this is the most calm and it's like ‘nope' we are still together and we are happy so there's really nothing to report on."
Then in regards to the rumour that they were trying for a third child, she said: 
"My husband might be trying for a third child but I am not, so I don't know maybe that's kinda true but maybe not really true."
If it happened it happened but I don't think we are trying, so maybe it's not true," she added.