President Jacob Zuma has finally decided to do the right thing.
Last month, the Constitutional Court ruled that President Zuma inappropriately used tax payers money for the renovations of his Nkandla residence. In passing judgement, it was ruled that President Zuma pay bak part of the money to be determined at a later date. Analysts have pegged the amount to be in the region of millions.
President Zuma has however come out saying he is donating Nkandla to a children’s home. The good president relased a statement stating that , ‘in the view of current events, I have decided to donate Nkandla residency to a children’s home’, reads part of the statement.
The news was met with admiration from all stake holders and political parties. A DA official said, ‘finally he has decided to own up to his mess’
The president also announced that all his wives who are currently resident of Nkandla will move out by end of this month (April) to make room for the children’s home.
‘I have made it my mission to make sure the remaining tenure of my presidency is filled with good news. I am sorry to the people of South Africa for my bad behavior. I have learnt from my mistakes. We all make mistakes. All my wives who are currently staying at Nkandla will move out t make way for the children’s home. I have asked the public protector’s office to nominate a worthy children’s home’, parts of the statement reads.
Social media also reacted to the news with many applauding the president’s move.
Source : iMzansi Satire