image credit: thebaddest
HIP HOP stars Kwesta and Nasty C had Pretoria fans angry last week.
“Kwesta”, real name Mfundo Vilakazi, and Nasty C, real name David Ngcobo, allegedly failed to pitch at Chad Da Don’s album launch and
birthday bash at 012 Central.
Kwesta allegedly arrived at the venue at 3am, 30 minutes after it had closed. And Nasty C ofJuice Bag fame didn’t bother to pitch at all.
The SunTeam witnessed an
angry group of Kwesta’s fans who were waiting for him, swearing and fighting with bouncers to leave the venue as it was closing.
One angry fan said: “I don’t understand why they’re closing as we’re waiting for Kwesta. They said the event was to end at 5am, but now bouncers tell us to leave.”
Another patron said it wasn’t fair to them as he had been waiting patiently for Kwesta. 
The second partygoer,
Phindile Mokgathle, said: “I wanted to see Kwesta. I’ve been here since 9pm. I feel cheated.
“We know the venue closes at 2.30am, but the co-ordinating team promised us the party would go on until 5am.”
Pamberi Comunications manager, Gwen Ironsi,who was responsible for booking Kwesta and Nasty C, said: “Kwesta was booked in two places at the same time. This was above us. He came, but the venue was closing at 2.30am. Nasty C didn’t come, and it was a big event since other artists put up a good performance along with Chad Da Don.”
Nasty C was not available for comment, but his publicist, Pierre Ball, said: it was not their fault that Nasty C did not make it to the event. He said Nasty C was booked in PE.“We told them Nasty C was performing in PE. I don’t know why those guys used Nasty C in their posters. Fans must check Nasty C’s
bookings on social media for updates.”
Kwesta was also not available for comment. His manager,
Nota Baloyi, said: Kwesta arrive at the venue but did not perform.“He was there at 2am, but was scheduled to perform at 2.30am. They told us he won’t perform as they were closing. We refunded them though, it was not Kwesta’s fault.”
He said they were going to make it up to their music lovers since they will be performing in Moloko on Saturday and
Europa on Tuesday in Pretoria.