Umlilo actress Nomzamo Mbatha is thankful to have escaped unharmed after an armed robbery at her home during the early hours of Thursday morning‚ which has left her shaken up.
TMG Entertainment understands that Nomzamo woke up around 4am on Thursday morning as she had an early call time‚ to find two men armed with guns and knives in her home.
A source tells TMG Entertainment that a terrified Nomzamo reacted by throwing a McFlurry into the robber’s face‚ as he kept telling to make no noise.
Nomzamo and two other family members were bundled into one of the bedrooms and were asked to keep quiet.
“Nomzamo went into survival mode‚ blocked her eyes and kept saying‚ ‘I can’t see you‚ I can’t see you‚ don’t kill me. I can’t identify you.’”
The gun wielding robbers were distracted by an Umlilo driver‚ who arrived at Nomzamo’s house to fetch her‚ and continuously tried to call her cellphone.
Apparently the men took her phone and asked who was persistently calling her. When Nomzamo explained that it was the driver who was outside her home to pick her up‚ the robbers fled.
The Umlilo star also took to social media in a lengthy post detailing the fear she felt during the ordeal.
Nomzamo described the situation as “the scariest 10 minutes” she’s ever faced.
“What a day… Waking up in YOUR house to find intruders with guns & knives demanding YOUR things as though they have a right to them! Thank You Lord for keeping us safe through the scariest 10 minutes that I have ever faced.”
Source : Timeslive