‘Like Cotton Twines’ by Ghanaian  filmmaker, Leila Djansi, is set to be premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival on the 2nd of June.
The film will compete in the World Cinema category. ‘Like Cotton Twines’ is also nominated for the Best World Fiction Film.
This will be the first time a film from Ghana will play at this festival and possibly be in the running for the Spirit Awards.
‘Like Cotton Twines’ features stars like Yvonne Okoro, who features on BET’s The Game Jay Ellis, David Dontoh, Luckie Lawson, Adjetey Anang, Ophelia Dzidzornu and Hollywood executive, actress/producer Miranda Bailey who produced last years award winning film Diary of a Teenage Girl.
The film tells the story of Micah Brown, an American volunteer  who takes a teaching job in a remote African village where he meets Tuigi, a 13-year old girl who is to become Trokosi, wife to the gods. A practice of religious sexual slavery.
Image: Twitter