Sbahle Mpisane, Itu Khuen’s bae is the latest victim of hacking after it emerged her accounts may have been hacked.
In an Instagram post the fitness consultant has warned followers to be vigilant and not to take any direct messages asking for favours seriously.
“If you received an email or Dm from me asking for any favors please refrain from replying! It’s not me… This has been going on for some time now and I changed my passwords but clearly they still have access to all my social platforms and my email‚” Sbahle wrote.
Sbahle hasn’t revealed what type of favours the fraudsters are asking for‚ but has urged fans to be careful.
The news comes just days after TV personality Khanyi Mbau confirmed to TMG Entertainment that she had hired a private investigator in an attempt to catch fraudsters who have been soliciting money from fans in exchange for beauty products.
Source : Online