Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema on Saturday outlined what his party would do if it was voted into local government on August 3.

“We’re here to sign a contract with our people. If we don’t implement‚ kick us out. We’re only asking for five years‚” he told a packed Orlando Stadium in Soweto.
His key promises are:
1.An EFF municipality will expropriate land without compensation
2.We want to give you unlimited wi-fi in public spaces. Don’t use wi-fi to watch . Go to useful sites! It must help you access jobs
3.EFF councillors be warned‚ if you’re corrupt‚ you’re fired with immediate effect.
4.If you’re a councillor in Soweto and you go live in Midrand. That’s the end of your job. We’ll elect a new one.
5.Every councillor must make their cell number public. They must be accessible 24 hours
6.We’ll name streets after our heroes. There will be nothing that is named after apartheid people under an EFF municipality
7.We’re not going to hire anyone on the basis that they’re EFF leaders. We’ll hire you based on your qualifications. We’re tired of the ANC hiring teachers who majored in geography to be in charge of technical services.
8.An EFF led municipality won’t use consultants.
9.EFF municipalities will be open 6 days. Workers must be able to access municipalities on weekends
10.We won’t build bicycle lanes when people live in shacks.
11.We don’t want a municipality that gives people houses in exchange for sex. We want one that will bury the poor.
12.We want a municipality that will give people jobs‚ that will look after the elderly and orphans