Actress Dineo Ranaka is ready to leave her perceived ‘bad girl’ image behind‚ starting with “an alcohol and intercourse fast‚” which has seen her ditch the bedroom play and booze for a cleaner image.
The star and producer of popular reality TV show Dineo’s Diary took to Twitter late last week to reveal that she has abstained from alcohol and sex since the start of the year.
Speaking to Sunday World about her “alcohol and intercourse fast” recently‚ Dineo opened up about the changes she’s made in her life since turning 30.
“I don’t go around looking for men. I’m a mom‚ for crying out loud‚ I have to be exemplary to my kids. If a man wants me‚ he has to find me‚” she said.
In fact‚ Dineo says she doesn’t even see herself as a celebrity.
“Dineo has done a 180 degrees of a personal transformation‚ see‚ I’m not even wearing make-up because I don’t see myself as a celeb.”
“I’m more centred. I’m a career woman. I own a production house and I’m presently putting together a concept for a new lifestyle TV show. I’m focusing more on the positive attributes of my life‚ like going back to the values‚ I’m proud of growing up‚ learning‚ building a family because there is no substitute for wisdom‚ you need it to succeed. I’m a lot more mature after entering my 30s.”
Dineo‚ who was once known for her wild outbursts and public feuds‚ revealed that she has turned to prayer to help her deal with some of her biggest difficulties.
“I’m a God-fearing woman. I pray. I still have both my parents who have helped me raise my kids. They made me a better parent. I don’t see myself as a single parent. I have my flaws. I’m imperfect but I was born to be excellent in all that I do‚” she said.
Source : Sunday World