A pastor in Bottlebrush informal settlement in Durban has been burnt to death by the community after allegedly being found raping a 12 year old girl who had gone to see him for prayers.
The man, who leads a sect of Zimbabwean origin called Johanne Masowe is said to have asked the girl to come to his place of residence for daily prayers. It is believed the girl would go to the prayer sessions every day after school. On the fateful day, the girl is believed to have gone for prayers late at night after she had finished school late.
The sobbing mother, also from Zimbabwe said, ‘I told her to go and do her prayers with Madzibaba Jonathan like before and she did. Next thing I know, I heard noises coming from that direction and people screaming. I went out to investigate and noticed that someone was burning because e was caught r_apping a minor’.
Neighbours say they heard screams coming from inside the man’s zink house and forcefully opened the door to find a semi-n_aked man on top of the weeping girl. A mob soon came and started beating up the man. Eventually someone came with an idea to burn him and they did before the police arrived. By the time the police arrived, the man was dead.
The girl was taken to a doctor at Chatsworth centre and confirmed there was penetration.
A police constable said people should not take matters into their own hands and now they are hunting the perpetrators to charge them with murder.
The girl was treated and released and will be attending counselling. It was not clear what happened to the charred body of the deceased.
Source : iMzansi