Police have arrested a 49-year-old Butterworth woman for allegedly murdering her 35-year-old boyfriend, according to the Eastern Cape police.
“The allegation is that the couple had just arrived at their shack at Skiet informal settlement, Butterworth, on Friday 15 April 2016 at about [10pm]. It is not clear where they were coming from at the time,” Captain Jackson Manatha said on Saturday.
A fight allegedly broke out when she said she hadn’t cooked and her boyfriend demanded food. During the argument, the woman allegedly drew her knife and stabbed the boyfriend in his upper body.
He died on the scene.
“Butterworth police were informed of the murder. As police were rushing to the scene of [the] murder, they were informed that the suspect had handed herself to the police as she went to Butterworth police station to report herself.”
She was charged with murder and would appear before the Butterworth Magistrate’s Court on Monday, according to ANA.