During a tell-all interview with Slikour‚ which has now been posted on Slikouronlife ‚ Bonang opened up about AKA‚ saying that she is happy.
In the lengthy interview Slikour commented on how AKA is exactly the kind of guy Bonang needs‚ and noted how AKA publicly defends her.
“Yes‚ I’m happy. There’s less drama in my life‚ my life is more peaceful and I’m a lot more chilled‚” Bonang replied.
“You need to go through hell before you realise how good you had it or how good you could have it. I’m grateful for all the mistakes I made. I’m a better person because of everything I’ve been through.”
Slikour also took jabs at Bonang for being “full of sh**‚” and told her to take care of AKA.

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A shy Bonang sheepishly agreed to one hundred percent take care of her man.
Bonang also told Slikour that after they broke up‚ she went through a lot of “bullsh*t” but is now okay.
“You were nothing but good to me therefore to this day I have nothing ill to say about you‚ after you was bullsh*t‚ and now I’m okay.”
Bonang and AKA’s romance has hogged headlines ever since AKA’s baby mama‚ DJ Zinhle took to her blog revealing B was the reason that they had split.
Even though AKA and Bonang fiercely denied rumours at the time‚ they have become a lot more open for the past few weeks‚ with social media displays of affection and that picture of them snogging which went viral.
Had a chance to chop it up with Queen B probably the first time we speak on a public platform in years. We clarify old myths created by Sunday World, her place in the digital world, is she still an IT Girl and AKA.
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