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#ArmsDeal: Arms deal inquiry found no evidence of corruption during bidding process

The evidence presented before it does not suggest that undue or improper influence played any role in the selection of the preferred bidders which subsequently entered into contracts with the government‚” Zuma said live on national television.
“The widespread allegations of bribery‚ corruption and fraud … especially in relation to the selection of the preferred bidders and cost‚ have found no support in the evidence‚ oral or documentary‚ placed before the commission.”


Zuma was given the final report comprising three volumes from the commission of inquiry into the arms deal on December 30‚ 2015.
The commission‚ chaired by Judge Willie Seriti‚ was appointed by the president in 2011 to investigate allegations of fraud‚ corruption‚ impropriety or irregularity in the arms procurement process. The commission completed its public hearings and other processes in June last year.
In the arms deal in the late 1990s‚ government acquired‚ among other hardware‚ 26 Gripen fighter aircraft and 24 Hawk lead-in fighter trainer aircraft for the SA Air Force‚ and frigates and submarines for the SA Navy. Former president Thabo Mbeki sacked Zuma as his deputy in 2005 after he was implicated in the deal. More than 780 charges of corruption were investigated against Zuma‚ but these were withdrawn by the National Prosecuting Authority and Zuma subsequently became president in 2009.
Zuma’s financial adviser‚ Schabir Shaik‚ was sent to jail in 2006 for facilitating a bribe from the French arms company Thomson-CSF. He has since been released on medical parole.

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