AKA recently bought an X5 M and seemed to have been getting a lot of backlash from instagramers saying that his car is second hand, even though the car is worth over a million Rand regardless
It’s almost as if AKA is never satisfied when it comes to buying his cars, because he did this the last time he bought a new car, first he bought a scirocco, and within the first month he decided to upgrade to a Scirocco R.
This time around, AKA was yet again unhappy with his new car and decided to upgrade once again. he posted a video of the car being offloaded, it was very dark so it wasn’t apparent what car it actually was.
He then posted a picture of the speedometer, there was basically 0KM on the clock, meaning it’s brand new – straight out the box, lastly he posted the actual picture and it’s confirmed, it’s the most expensive SUV on the Market. the going price is +-R2million.
Source : thebaddest.co.za