A singer has died on stage in Indonesia after being bitten by a cobra.
The 29-year-old pop artist, Irma Bule, was dancing on stage in West Java, Indonesia, when she accidentally stepped on one of the snakes she uses in her act and it lashed out her.
Irma continued her performance but died 45 minutes later.
The animal is believed to have been de-fanged but it was still able to inject its venom into her when it bit her on the thigh.
The singer was reportedly offered an antidote, but is said to have refused it and carried on performing after a snake handler quickly pulled the animal away.
Despite thinking she would be fine, the poison had entered her system and she started vomiting and having seizures in front of a shocked crowd.
After collapsing on stage Irma was taken to hospital where she was later pronounced dead.
WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: (Warning: Not for sensitive viewers)