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Woman thought she ate some 'a$$' when she saw her bill which read "Ass meat" Lol

Sharon Hamilton dined at an African restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed her meal of Jollof Rice and Chicken. However, she was shocked when she got her ticket and it read "Ass Meat" (which really meant assorted meat) which she mistook for "Ass". Should we put her out of her misery or allow her to go on believing she ate "ass that was so good"? Lol. Her Facebook post after the cut...
"So today I had a chaotic day. After all the crap I went through.....I worked up an appetite & decided to try out this African restaurant. I didn't recognize anything on the I just told the waiter to give me something good. I started eating my food that included chicken. The chicken bones looked very different and I was thinking to myself.....they cut this chicken any kind of way. The food was delicious, but when I got my ticket this was the description of my food😢😢😢😢 lord what did I eat!!‪#‎Imsick‬#didijusttossasalad ‪#‎whatwasit‬#iatesomeass#asstastelikechicken#thatasswasgood😰"

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