If you play with snakes you get bitten thats what happened to Nomuzi the same thing will heppen to eMTee if he still play buddies with a snake ( AkA) - Zama Mazamesh
I think it best for her,because she didn't do much at CashTime Life,she should consider Ambitious Ent....:S - Syabonga Swae Lee Khumalo

These above quotes are from our Facebook fans and they are the most opinionated peeps i know. #TrueStory. They really don't hold back when it comes to voicing their two cents.

Yesterday on them Facebook streets I asked a simple question. How do you feel about Nomuzi x CashTime parting ways.

Peep the reactions after the jump. I have no idea where AKA x Cassper come in here. SMH the saga will never end.