Dear Uncle Ted,
We got married straight out of college. Life was of course very tough, but I persevered because he promised all would be well. Three years and one baby on, nothing has changed. We live like paupers and I am tired. Should I leave him? Why can’t he work hard like other men?
Hi Cecilia,
I think your man is a disgrace. While good husbands are stealing money from government, buying plots and big cars, I can’t comprehend why he imagines that his fortunes will change miraculously by diligently working on that small job and paying his Helb loan and taxes like a good citizen.
If I were you, I would grab the baby and run. Amazing opportunities are everywhere. A few nude photos on social media will make you rich and famous. If you hang around a big politician, you could become a nominated MCA or a third wife. If you go to the right clubs, you could bump into a drug tra­ cker and make easy and quick cash. Other women have done it; you can do it. Of course you will die sooner, but at least you will a? ord a cool co­ffin!