Julius Malema found himself in yet another drama last weekend. People across South Africa went to different stations to register for the upcoming municipal elections.
The EFF Leader went to register at Akanyang primary school in Katlehong Johannesburg on Saturday morning.
When Mr. Malema arrived at the registration station he was welcomed and greeted by his supporters and members of the community. Most people were very happy to see him there and people we spoke to said they were inspired to vote when they see the people they are voting for visiting them.
The drama only started when one of the assistants working there insulted the EFF leader saying that his big belly showed that he’s got a lot of money. The assistant continued to say that Malema looked like he is pregnant and he is so fat because he is ‘eating’ taxpayers’ money.
Julius however reacted in a surprisingly calm manner and did not fight back. He only stated that he was not fat, but just big-boned rather, and that he has always been like that growing up.
Malema stated that people like him and Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un are often mistaken to be fat. “We are not fat, do you see any fat in this body? Go to America and you will see fat people. There is no fatness here. I am just big-boned, and I did not ‘eat’ anyone’s money me.”
Surprisingly, Malema did not seem to be offended by this, he continued to greet the people in the voting stations and then drove off with his bodyguards in his Range Rover.