Okay, so we usually don’t touch base on international celebrities, but in light of Kevin Hart coming to South Africa next week, we just had to write about his nemesis Katt Williams.

The somewhat deranged comedian is trending in South Africa (and around the world) for getting into a fight with a teenager - and losing!

The pint-sized comedian, who has been under multiple arrests for theft, assaults and other outrageous misdemeanours during the course of his career, was caught on video getting a beat down from a teen.

A video of the somewhat strange fight has now gone viral.

The 42-year-old comedian, who appears to have thrown the first punch, was caught in a choke hold, and pinned to the ground by the boy.

This is certainly no laughing matter, but we are sure Katt just gave Kevin some new material for his SA trip!

Check out the video below.
The first blow by Katt Williams

Then he got strangled by a teenager

By no means do we condone violence, but what is a grown man like Katt thinking?
Jabu Pule's fake laugh

Retired South African midfielder, Jabu Pule had us in stitches with his fake laugh (the irony).

Whilst engaged in a football debate with two other SuperSport commentators, Jabu Pule had a delayed reaction after one of the commentators made a light joke about their team.

Pule who clearly did not understand the joke opted to improvise and made this rather awkward fake laugh that we can't get over.

Image Credit: Facebook