Amused comments are being posted by his followers who have spotted the clip‚ as they remark on the merits of the “African herb” and indulging in public.
T.I. is scheduled to perform at Durban’s botanical gardens on Friday night.
The multiple Grammy Awards winner is credited with sales of more than 30 million singles‚ and 14 million albums. His collaborations include Jay Z‚ Rihanna‚ Justin Timberlake‚ Kanye West and Lady Gaga.
On the Instagram video, the rapper is walking with his friends who seem to be taking a morning jog. He says that they are feeling the burn [supposedly from jogging] while he is also feeling the burn from what he is smoking.
"So my guys right here working out, feeling the burn South Africa, I'm also feeling the burn. Yessir South Africa sunrise," he says.