One year ago, twins Owami and Olwethu Mzazi made national headlines when they married the same man in a colorful ceremony. the twins who share everything together could not fathom being separated by a man so they gave him a condition to ‘take us all or none’. The man, 52 year old Mzukiseni Mzazi was more than happy to get two wives at that time.
But now one year down the line, things are no longer rosey for the twins as they are reported to be at loggerheads. Sources close to the twins say one of the twins, Olwethu has been unhappy with Owami because of her insatiable s-ex drive and Mzukiseni is making things worse by ‘favoring’ Owami.
It is believed that the twins initially set a duty roaster for conjugal rights but Owami kept breaking it thus leaving Olwethu yearning for some bedroom gymnastics. The source said , ‘Owami would demand so much from old madala that he would not give Olwethu anything the following day’. It is also reported that Mzukiseni was in a habit of buying expensive gifts for Owami and forget he has two wives. This infuriated Olwethu who in turn confronted her sister over it but Owami professed ignorance.
The situation is said to be so dire that Olwethu is said to be plotting to leave the union and find happiness elsewhere.
Efforts to reach either one of the twins or their husband proved fruitless as their phones went unanswered.
Source : iMzansi