GOLD Diggers actress Tina Jaxa fears for her life. She says she's being stalked by an unknown lunatic.

Sunday World has learned that Jaxa, the widow of music promoter Prosper Mkwaiwa, did not attend the SA Film and Television Awards (Saftas) in Midrand last week, where she won an award because she was scared the stalker would follow her and harm her.
This was after their catfight over late businessman Prosper Mkwaiwa's estate turned ugly this week.
Jaxa also obtained a protection order against Dlangwana after learning the controversial singer planned to forcefully occupy Mkwaiwa's Bronkhorspruit house in Mpumalanga or remove some household items from it.
Mkwaiwa, who died after allegedly suffering from a heart attack two weeks ago, was buried last Sunday.
His funeral was preceded by a feud between Jaxa and Dlangwana over who should be the chief mourner and widow or should be the beneficiary of his estate, which includes a fleet of cars, a night club in eMalahleni, Mpumalanga, and property in Rosebank, Joburg.
At the time of his death, Mkwaiwa was legally married to Jaxa with two children, but they had separated. He lived with Dlangwana until late last year when he kicked her out of his home after a lover's tiff.
Jaxa confirmed she hired a bodyguard and obtained a protection order against Dlangwana, who allegedly threatened to stab her.
"I decided to go the legal route because I'm a law-abiding citizen," said Jaxa.
She refused to comment on allegations that she moved into Mkwaiwa's house and referred us to family spokesman Mike Sephiri, who said Dlangwana was not married to Mkwaiwa but would benefit from his estate.
"Dlangwana came to the house on Tuesday with her mother, who told her she never received lobola from Mkwaiwa. We then told her what she would get because we acknowledge she was also part of his life," he said.
"Jaxa was told on Wednesday what she would get. As far as we are concerned, the matter is settled."
Dlangwana, who collapsed after learning Mkwaiwa's family chose Jaxa to be the chief mourner, confirmed the former Generations actress would be knifed.
"That woman has moved into my bedroom. Is she mad? I'm going to stab her. I'm going there to take my furniture and curtains.
"The funeral is over, she will see the other side of me. I'm going to stab her if she tries to stop me from taking my stuff."
Dlangwana added she would fight for the equal division of Mkwaiwa's house.
"Why can't she take her kids because they are grown ups and go back to Cape Town? She can't even afford to live in that house because she struggles to buy bread for her children.
"There is money he was waiting for from the people who bought his night club before he died and I will get it. In fact, everything Prosper accumulated since living with me belongs to me because I was his wife," she said. I have already briefed my lawyers about it and lo gogo lo [that old woman] will not get anything except for the old white sofas her kids are sleeping on in that house."