FORMER Orlando Pirates player, Thulasizwe “Juju” Mbuyane, is allegedly living the high life while his mum lives from hand to mouth!
This week Sunday Sun visited the unemployed mum, Sonto, who shares her four-roomed house with Mbuyane’s three sisters and her five grandchildren. Neighbours said it’s sad to see Mbuyane’s mum living in these conditions despite her son’s success. One of the neighbours said: “The situation is so bad that his mum survives by sewing church regalia.
“The toilet at her home is not working. They’re using a mobile toilet.” Another neighbour claimed Mbuyane last visited his mum in 2013 and only comes to Mamelodi to visit his son. “His mum is suffering while he’s living large. The toilet hasn’t worked for months, but her son is a celebrity.”
This week Sonto said: “I don’t like to speak about my son.” But Mbuyane’s sister, Jane, said: “It’s like we don’t exist in his life. He doesn’t visit his mum often. “He only comes to see his son.”
Sunday Sun has learnt the retired soccer star from Mamelodi, in Pretoria, has relocated to Witbank. Mbuyane denied the allegations. He said: “Uma besho njalo outtie yami, (If they say so, my man. . . ) it’s fine! I don’t care what they say. ‘‘What’s happening between me and my family is none of their business.My mum comes here for visits. I also visit her in Mamelodi. People want to see me broke and poor.
“There’s a lot going on for me here in Mpumalanga. If I stay with my wife, kunani pho?(what’s wrong with that?)Okabani kanti lomfazi? (who’s wife is this?) To be poor and broke won’t happen to me. I do go to Mamelodi to see my son and my mum.”
Source : DailySun