Police are looking for three women who kidnapped a man in order to steal his sp_erm, police in Zimbabwe said.Bulawayo police said that the three women offered the man a ride before they abducted him for his sp_erm.
The victim, who was not identified, told the police that he was trying to hitch hike on 6th Avenue. The three women, who were in a white Toyota Cresta, stopped and offered the man a ride to Cowdray Park.
When the man realized that the women were not heading to his destination, he asked where they were taking him. The women calmed him down and said that they were just taking a shorter route to Cowdray Park.
At some point, the women drove to a quiet area, here they used a gun to threaten the man. The tied up the victim, and took chances raping him.
They used a co_ndom in order to harvest the sperm. When they were done, the victim was dumped on the side of the road. So far, no arrests have been made.