THE two thugs had planned to sneak into the back of the tuckshop to steal but their plan ended in
One of them got stuck between a wall and an electricity pole next to the shop!
His friend fled and he was left hanging upside down!
A gogo next door saw the man and shouted for help. When the owner of the Eat Some More shop in the C section of
KwaMashu, north of Durban, arrived on Saturday, he couldn’t believe his eyes.
Owner Themba Gumbi (51) said the man told him he had tried to get into the tuckshop from the roof of a shack next door.
“The thug said he got stuck between the walls. There was blood everywhere as he was bleeding from his stomach,” said
He said the thug told him his friend had tried to break down the door to the shop but left because it was too difficult.
“There was a lot of blood on the door. I think the other thug was injured. I just thank my ancestors that the men didn’tmanage to break in,” said Themba.
“If they managed to gain entry, they may have injured my family or done something even worse before stealing my stock.”
One of Themba’s neighbours claimed he used strong muthi to protect his business.
“It’s impossible for a thug to break in here. His muthi is very strong,” said the neighbour.
However, Themba denied using muthi, saying: “People were shocked and some even thought I had used muthi to trap the thugs.”
He said he called the cops to the scene, who took the very embarrassed thug away.
The tuckshop owner said he did not open a case because nothing was stolen and the thug did not enter his shop.
Police spokesman Major Thulani Zwane confirmed that KwaMashu police were at the scene.
“The thug was taken to the local clinic,” said Zwane.