The United Nations Children’s Funds (UNICEF) recently revealed that South Africa is now rated as the worst country in the world to raise your children in.
In yet another shocking example of how much South Africa has fallen under Jacob Zuma, it was revealed that 77 of every 100 000 children die at school in South Africa
The highest in the world. That’s higher than China, Russia, Ukraine, DRC, Somalia or Brazil.
In a presentation released by Ruth Custode (The UNICEF Emergency Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean), she revealed that extreme levels of violence is jeopardizing the right to education for millions of children around the world.
Ruth went on to say that the unusually high number of murder cases were the main cause of deaths of South African children in South Africa. She also revealed
  • South Africa’s 76.94 out of 100000 schoolchildren who died was far higher than in the Congo and Somalia, which are at 12 and eight deaths per 100000 respectively;
  • More South Africa schoolchildren died than anywhere else in the world with 76.94 deaths per 100000, compared to the UK which was at 8.92 and the US at 12.97. These figures included infanticide;
  • South Africa was ranked second for small arms possession, higher than the US and UK.
Ruth said violence was impacting badly on education. “You will see that there’s a lot of dropouts at school because of threats and fear.”
She also said many kids faced restrictions in getting to school. Some had to take dangerous routes or were forcefully recruited into criminal activities.
Ruth went on to stress that the only way to really resolve these issues of violence is to create well-educate, strong and caring communities.
Under Jacob Zuma South Africa has turned into one of the worst countries in the world to deal with. The South African government which is managed by what many people consider a corrupt governing ANC… now openly courts corrupt governments world wide, is doing absolutely nothing to address the education crisis, has not even bothered to address health and is responsible for the massive slide of the economy and elevated levels of racism.
Not only that, a culture of violence, racism and intimidation against minorities in South Africa is allowed to exist and some even believe is nurtured by the ANC to keep voters distracted leading up to the 2016 local elections.