Back in 2014, A couple in South Africa made international headlines when they ‘renewed’ their wedding vows. Back then the groom was 9 year old Sanele Masilele and the bride 62 year old Helen Shabangu. Fast forward to 2016, Sanele is now 11 and his wife 64 years old- an astonishing 53 year age gap separates them.
Sounds like an episode of Generations : The Legacy.
Initially the union between Saneie Masilela, 11, and Helen Shabangu, 66, was not a marriage in the true sense of the word; the pair tied the knot in a ritual aimed at pleasing their ancestors. It is not clear how the initial arrangement has changed though.
A family relative who spoke on condition of anonymity said : ‘Helen is distraught. She can not imagine Sanele on top of her. It all started wanting to please the ancestors and at that time no one thought how they were going to quench Sanele’s s_exual needs. He is a man nje!!’
It is known that Sanele claimed he had been told by his ancestors to form a union with the mother-of-five, who is already married to Alfred Shabangu, 69.
A village elder and close family friend said, ‘He has been demanding his rights as a husband to bed gogo Helen but gogo Helen has been refusing because that was not part of the initial deal. We told the ancestors that when it became time for Sanele to want physical touch, he was free to look for girls his age. Besides he is still young to worry about sex’
Efforts to get comment from Sanele or Helen did not yield results
Source : imzansi