A youthful South African pastor, Apostle Thamsanqa Sambulo, has made headlines after he poured BOILING water on his congregants and yet they did not get hurt.
The 23-year-old, KwaZulu Natal-based pastor who is the founder of Thy Word Kingdom Harvest Ministries has been making a series of headlines because of lots of his jaw dropping ‘miracles’.
In a modern remake of the Biblical miracle of Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego who were thrown into a huge ball of fire and escaped unscathed, Apostle Sambulo boiled a kettle of water and started demonstrating on his church members by pouring the boiling water on them, lo and behold, no one was burnt, at least according to witnesses.
The Facebook page of Thy Word Kingdom Harvest Ministries told the story of Sambulo’s miracle claim. According to the post, one evening during a church gathering, Sambulo asked a member of his church to “go boil water in a kettle at the kitchen”.
Sambulo then allegedly hugged the kettle “on his chest”.
The post read: “The congregation was in shock, as they shouted: ‘NO!’ (sic) Some couldn’t even look.
“He then asked: ‘Who has faith here?’ (sic) One by one, people came and did what the apostle did, and were not hurt. He re-boiled the water… as he did…one young woman came to him and said; ‘Papa I have faith, pour it on my hand as hot as it is.’
“The Son of God first poured on Himself, then poured unto this lady. The rest of the congregation, one by one followed, as they also wanted to test their faith.”

Sambulo has an online following too with many responding positively to his boiling water “miracle”.
One user, Bonginkosi Trevor Zondi , responded to an online article on the “miracle” saying people criticised what they did not understand.
“That’s people’s tendency, when they don’t understand something they criticise and under-estimate it… they don’t even know where it started… what exactly was the intention and what finally happened but they choose to run into their own conclusions being led by their feeble and wicked minds.”
Sambulo was approached for comment. The youngster responded by posting a screenshot of the journalist’s email, which requested his contact details for comment.
“Let them come and see, I don’t do interviews. Information/words cannot explain this. Come and experience it for yourself!” he wrote on his page.