The controversial “Prophet” Shepherd Bushiri, who made headlines after announcing that he acquired a “third” private Jet has done it again. The claim for ownership of a third jet later proved to be fake as the published pictures of the plane attracted the attention of aviation authorities who then provided the name of the real owner slapping the preacher in his face. No one to date has ever seen the other two private jets as this reporter has only seen documents for private plane hiring to date. The man has pulled another shameful stunt this time involving the President of Malawi.
On Monday the 22nd of February 2016, Bushiri wrote an open letter to the President of his home country, Malawi, His Excellency Mr Mutharika and posted it on his facebook page.
In his letter the preacher aired his concerns over what he called politicising of his charity work in Malawi by the ruling party MDP. Bushiri claimed that the political heavyweights including the President himself are threatened by him. Bushiri claims that they see him as more of a political rival than a philanthropist.
He claimed that police officers have been fired for doing their duty of helping him distribute food handouts to the needy in a town called Karonga. The man of God in his letter advised the President that he has since stopped the charity work and has nothing to loose. The president was also insulted by the preacher for not taking actions to support him as he (Bushiri) tried to feed the very people that voted him into power.
The facts in Bushiri’s letter then prove the politicians’ fears correct. As has been the norm, Bushiri brags about his donations to the Malawian community and his financial muscle that can turnaround the fortunes of Malawi as a nation.
Mr Craig Mathews, an independent political analyst indicated that Bushiri has actually confirmed the fears of the Malawian politicians as he has clearly shown his agenda which is to get into politics. “When a man is sent by God to give, he is not deterred by anything, be it political oppression or war. The move by Mr Bushiri to stop the charity work shows that he has a hidden political agenda behind the donations and he has found a way to de-campaign Mr Mutharika”.
Philanthropists are fought in many ways and are not known of backing down as it is a calling from God. If one takes offence from a politician who is not even barring him/her from giving food to the needy like in this man’s case but merely saying things and demoting helpers then that’s not a threat. Instead he can actually get volunteers to help distribute the food if he is worried about the jobs of those being fired for helping him do good” added Mathews .
Independent investigations have revealed that Bushiri was indeed up to something as the quarter of his budget that he claims in the letter to have spent so far shows that the statement of his capacity to turn the fortunes of his country around is a total joke. A Mr Bonongwe from the same town of Karonga where Bushiri recently made donations confirmed that the man of God distributed about four hundred (400) 50 kg bags of maize valued at MK2,800,000 which is equivalent to US$ 3,700.
Whilst every donation is greatly appreciated Bushiri must not fool himself by claiming to his President that he can turn around the fortunes of Malawi if a mere US$ 3,700 translates to 25% of the budget that he intended to spend on the hungry in Malawi.
The open letter itself is a great sign of disrespect to a leader and one wonders what such a person teaches his congregates. Controvesy has been the food of the day for Bushiri and slowly the people are getting to know how he lies.
Prince Ncube from Pretoria, South Africa wrote to us and said he had been following Bushiri for sometime until last year when one of Bushiri’s aides approached him to take part in faking a miracle on his all night prayer meeting recently held in FNB grounds. I have lost faith in Men of God and am finding it hard to go to church anymore bacause this thing looks like a game.
Only time will tell and we are digging more on the stories surrounding this man of God.