Okay, we’re not ones to be jealous of people, especially 21-year-olds, but when it comes to Bahumi and her parents, the green-eyed monster creeps up on us every time.
Not only is she one pretty young lady, but her dad, Somizi, is probably one of the most loved South African entertainment personalities on this side of the earth.
And her mom, Palesa Madisakwane, would probably make it into the Top 20 list of the hottest mommy actresses in our country.
We know it’s second nature for offspring to look like their parents, but Bahumi is such a carbon copy of her mother. Sometimes we’re not sure if we’re looking at Palesa or Bahumi, especially if it’s a #TBT post.
We're sure Palesa looks at her daughter sometimes and marvels at her creation and hashtags, #LookAtGod.
Here are some of our favorite looks from mother and daughter.

Black & white head wrap game on point

Do you get why we get confused sometimes?

Twinning all the way

It also seems like Bahumi is walking in her parents' footsteps by getting modelling and presenting gigs. 
Like mother, like daughter.
Source : Zalebs