She believes her is her greatest downfall. Wherever she goes, she can never escape the smart tokoloshe. She said he follows her every move with the tracker in her backside.
The woman (48) from Kliptown in Soweto said the tokoloshe has made her some amazing promises. “Last year he promised me he would buy me a brand new golf GTI, a house and give me R100 000 to spoil myself on a shopping spree,” she said. But she said she doesn’t care about the car, the house or the money.
“I’ve lost my boyfriend and I’m tired of having s_ex with someone I don’t love,” she said.She said her ordeal started in 2014 when she had dreams of something being injected into her hips. “I felt a stinging pain and woke up the following morning with a painful bum,” she said.
That’s when she started seeing a short man, which she said was a tokoloshe, that followed her everywhere she went. “I had no peace or privacy. Whatever I was doing, I could see the short man. Even if I got into a taxi and went to the malls it would still be able to find me,” she said. “It even operates my TV and my radio. It sometimes turns lights on and off. It controls my life.”
In an attempt to run away from the smart little man who knows all about tracking devices, she left her house in Kliptown and ran away to Cape Town in 2015 – but she only found that she could run but she couldn’t hide from the clever little man.“The short man followed me. That’s when I realised he had installed a tokoloshe tracker in my bum.”
She said she visited a sangoma who confirmed that she was being used.  “The tokoloshe sneaks into my bedroom. He forces himself on me and I wake up with a wet lower body,” she said. “I need help. I don’t need this short hornyman in my life.”
Her neighbour, Nolitha Phakade (38), said at first she didn’t believe her neighbour. “But one day when I went to her house, she started crying and telling me about the short man. The force was so strong that I immediately got a headache and I left her alone in her room,” said Nolitha. She said she felt sorry for her neighbour. “She tells me she is always tired because she doesn’t get any sleep at night.”
Source : DailySun