CCTV footage released by a fuel station recently shows a woman ‘quenching’ her thirst herself on one of the pumps. The shocking footage however is not of a woman drinking petrol. But rather of the h_0rny woman using the petrol pump nozzle as a s_ex toy.

According to sources, the incident happened  at a Mpumalanga service station. Petrol attendants who witnessed the scene say the woman arrived in the dead of the night on foot and proceeded to take the petrol nozzle with she swiftly tucked in her honey pot and pumped. The petrol attendants at first did not see the woman and only saw her after she had finished the deed.
What shocked everyone is that the woman had parked a convertible BMW some meters away and got in her car and drove off.
‘We were shocked’ reported on Mike. She did not speak to anyone after finishing her session. She just put the nozzle back on and walked away. We had to disinfect the nozzle and  hopefully everything got cleaned’ Mike said.
Some eye witnesses said the woman was doing a ritual while other say sh was just being adventurous.
One man, Piet said, ‘ No harm done, I enjoyed the show, pity I couldn’t offer her some of my boer sausage’ said Piet as he grabbed his crotch.
No police report was opened.