The Incredible Happenings Ministries founder and leader Prophet Mboro is once again making headlines.
Thousands of church goers witnessed a miracle as the controversial prophet was caught up to heaven on Easter. The incident happened at an Easter service in Johannesburg, but people from as far as Pretoria testified that the sky somehow looked different around 10:30 am on Sunday.
Pastor Mboro, the famous miracle working self-proclaimed prophet of the last days is well known in South Africa as he is always on the news for all the wrong reasons.
According to local reports, Mboro was about to begin a sermon at his church in his hometown when a beam of light from the sky appeared and whisked him into Paradise while some feared he was taken by aliens.
It is believed that the Televangelist – who has been fasting for the past 4 weeks, told some of his church members about this event which he saw in a vision while fasting.
Mboro becomes only the second person in history, after Jesus, to have achieved ascension.
In a statement released to the media, A senior member from Mboro’s church confirmed that Mboro is being rewarded for being a honest servant.
In the last 2,000 years there have been a number of great individuals that have been considered to be taken directly into heaven but were not taken – including Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, and Robert Mugabe.
But Mboro outshines them all. No human being better exemplifies the love, kindness and charity at the heart of Christianity.
All that remains of Mboro on Earth now are his sandals, cap and handkerchief , which were left behind by the light beam.
Mboro’s church hopes to raise funds for a new recreation center in Katlehong by auctioning them on bid or buy.
Source : News SA