Jarred Doyle Consulting is proud to announce that we will be representing rapper and music producer - TowDee Mac

Maftown born Music Producer, Songwriter, Composer, Performer and Music Technology Facilitator, Lerothodi “Towdeemac” Moagi has evolved into an activist for musicianship and music philosophy and a pioneer in the Motswako sub-culture.

From the very early stages in his life, he pursued a career in music, forming groups, promoting demo tapes and influencing a culture of passion for music amongst his peers.

Having started as a Studio Apprentice at AVA (Audio Visual Advertising) after studying Music at the Mmabana Cultural Centre back home, Towdeemac’s hunger for knowledge pushed him to do some of his own research on the business of making music which helped to kick-start his career. After acquiring some industry knowledge, his music career began to materialise trough the formation of the legendary Motswako group, Morafe along with homeboys Khuli Chana and Kaygizm.

After Morafe reached the term of their contract with Ghetto Ruff, Towdeemac went on to launch his independent solo career in 2012 with an album titled Lesson1. Apart from his debut solo album, “Lesson1” and his most popular solo hit, “Mr Tswaknificent”, Towdeemac has produced some of the most popular Motswako tracks, such as “The Whole Thing” (Ska rasa wa e senya) by Morafe, “Bereka” (featuring HHP) by Morafe, “Platinum Visa” by HHP and “Futhumatsa” by Khuli Chana, just to mention a few. He has also worked with well renowned artists such as Jr, Fifi Cooper, Sean Pages, KidX, L-Tido, Kwesta, Pro, Maggs, Black Les, N’Veigh, Tuks Senganga, Mo’lemi, Stoan Seate, Notshi, Mr Selwyn, Zeus, pH, Max Hoba, and the likes.

Being passionate about music and making a significant contribution towards the Industry, Towdeemac worked as a lecturer in Digital Music Production and Music Business at the Emendy Multimedia Institute in Hatfield, Pretoria from 2010 to 2013.

After leaving Emendy, Towdeemac developed an outreach program he calls #BackstageLectures, which is a series of Music Development Workshops he hosts mainly in townships and rural areas in SA and neighbouring countries as an effort to help make a difference in the lives of the talented youth who have the passion and aptitude but can’t afford to study at the expensive Music Colleges

Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter: @towdeemac