ISIDINGO actor, Motlatsi Mofatshe, has allegedly been dragged home “kicking and screaming” – by his own mum!
Sunday Sun sources claimed that Motlatsi (Sechaba Matabane), and his wife, Millicent Nkangana, were forced to move in with his parents for allegedly being “irresponsible”.
A family source claimed: “His mum said he was hanging with the wrong crowd.”
The mole also said Millicent has gone, fed up with Sechaba’s nightly escapades. The two married in 2014.
“He behaves as if he’s not married. There are also allegations that he’s reckless with money,” claimed the source.
Another mole claimed Sechaba confirmed he was back home with Millicent.
“He told us there was no trouble in paradise – but he’s lying,” the source said.
Sunday Sun visited Sechaba’s home in Zola, Soweto, but he wasn’t there.
His neighbour, Mike Msibi, confirmed that he left.
A security guard at his flat said: “Sechaba comes and goes.
“He’s usually alone. We don’t see his wife any more.”
His mum, who refused to give us her name, said: “Speak to him first so he can give me permission to talk to you.
“And please, tell the family sources I said they’re rotten to the core.”
When contacted for comment, Sechaba lost his cool, and without confirming or denying the allegations, he threatened the SunTeam.
“Where did you get that? Uzongithola wena!
“You are busy talking about things you don’t know.
“You come all the way from where you come from, you go to my place to investigate who I stay with.
“You go to my mother’s house to enquire about my affairs.
“What does it have to do with you? Who do you think you are?” Sechaba then hung up.
The Peoples’ Paper tried to contact his wife, but Millicent was not available for comment.
Source : SundaySun