Johannesburg- Contrary to belief, Sophie Ndaba has no bad vibes with Generations: The Legacy.
Sophie recently made her highly-anticipated TV comeback as Harriet on High Rollers. Sophie plays a wealthy businesswoman who moves into Kings Casino. Despite being a serious entrepreneur, Harriet has a very naughty side, and loves flashing people who come to her hotel room door.
Speaking to The Juice recently, Sophie said she was incredibly excited about her new role and believes that people will soon love Harriet.
Sophie also shed light on swirling reports which claim that she thinks Generations’ standards have dropped.
“I believe it is unfair to compare the old Generations and the new one, because they are two completely different shows, with a new cast and a new vision. The producers and creative team behind the soapie is still the same, so the production side of things will always be top notch but it can’t be compared to the old Generations, which had 23 years to build it’s reputation,” Sophie explained.
Sophie also cleared the air about turning a slot on Generations down in the future even it was offered to her.
“Having spent 20 years on Generations, my time was up. Being fired was actually a blessing in disguise because it was part of my personal plan to retire from the show, so even if I do get a call from producers, it’s not an option for me,” Sophie said.
Glad that’s cleared up!