He is a multiple award-winning rapper and his old friends say he’s changed.
Emtee had a fall-out with some of his former colleagues after he failed to pitch up for a concert for which he was paid R28500. Impatient and marauding revellers vented their anger on property when the rapper did not arrive, organisers say.
The Roll Up hit-maker, whose real name is Mthembeni Ndevu, missed the gig in Nelspruit organised by Victor Zwane. Zwane’s brother, rapper Zikode, was in a four-member rap crew with Emtee called 4Front. Zwane said the rapper’s management promised to pay back the money plus the charge for six hotel rooms and drinks. But Zwane claims he also paid for property damaged by fans which Emtee also had to pay for .
“My worry is that they won’t pay back all the money. People threw bottles. There were cars damaged and that expense was all on me,” said Zwane.  “We booked six rooms for him and his people. We are still assessing the cost of the damage to property. There are people who stole chairs at the venue. I know of two windscreens of cars that came with the sound crew that were damaged. I had to pay R4200 for them,” he added.
The Zwane brothers expressed disappointment at Emtee, who they said had “changed” in recent times.
“I know him personally because of 4Front. This kind of behaviour is new. It just started now and I don’t know where it comes from. He was always cool,” said Zwane.  Zikode said even though he didn’t work with Emtee anymore he felt disappointed because he regarded him as a brother.
“I can’t fuel it and say we have a beef. I’m doing my thing and he is doing his. I was pissed off when that happened because it’s a gig organised by my brother and he (Emtee) is someone I consider to be my brother. He hasn’t called me and he hasn’t said anything. They [Emtee and his team] admitted that it was their fault. If they take time to pay back the money, then lawyers will get involved,” said Zikode.
Emtee said he preferred not to comment publicly and would deal with the matter privately.
Source : imzansi