I got engaged about 6 months ago, after being with my partner for about 2 years. Our wedding is in 8 months and I just feel like I’m so unhappy i can’t imagine the rest of my life like this, but I’m also worried that if I leave i’ll be making the wrong decision. 
We fight constantly, and he is very aggressive when we fight saying things like ‘do you want me to smash this glass in your face’. He’s never actually hit me, but has a really bad temper that he can’t seem to control.
I actually can’t remember the last time he said something nice to me, or told me he loved me,and we’ve had sex a total of twice in about 4 months. He regularly tells me I do evwry thing wrong, I.e yelling at me for not loading the dishwasher properly or going crazy over my shoes being left by the door (even if he’s left 6 pairs there himself)
ive tried to talk to him but he usually just walks off or starts yelling at me that it’s because ‘you don’t do x, your always doing x’. Ive tried doing more for him so he has nothing to yell at me about but he still manages to find somethin.
what do I do? Leave? Which would be difficult financially (and obviously emotionall) or stay and hope it gets better?