MultiChoice has announced new prices for its DStv services, which will result in increases for many subscribers. The new prices will kick in on 1 April 2016.
This year’s price increases are significant, with the subscription fees of DStv Premium, DStv Extra, and DStv Compact increasing by 8% or more.
This was brought on by the weakness of the rand, which has lost around 30% of its value against the US dollar in the past year.
“We buy most of [our] content in foreign currency, and due to the depreciation of the rand by 29% since April 2015, our costs have gone up dramatically,” said MultiChoice.
“Over the past five years our adjustments have been in line with inflation. We’ve worked really hard to keep this year’s fees manageable.”
MultiChoice said it should be noted that DStv Access and decoder insurance prices did not increase, and that DStv EasyView pricing decreased.
The new DStv prices are listed in the table below.
DStv packages2015 price2016 price
DStv PremiumR699R759
DStv ExtraR425R459
DStv CompactR319R345
DStv FamilyR199R219
DStv Select*R199R219
DStv AccessR99R99
DStv EasyViewR39R29
M-Net Analogue/CSN*R335R369
DStv specialist packages2015 price2016 price
DStv IndianR319R345
DStv South Indian*R239R260
DStv PortugeasaR410R445
DStv add-ons2015 price2016 price
Access FeeR80R85
BoxOffice PVR rentalsR30R35
DStv Indian add-onR205R220
DStv South Indian add-onR155R170
DStv Portugeasa add-onR205R220
*No longer on offer – only available to subscribers still on the package.