This is not a drill. We repeat - this is NOT a drill!
Okay so this might not be the first time a certain pic has emerged, but you will appreciate this nonetheless!
Justin Bieber, being the total babe he is, just took to Instagram to share with the world a true piece of gold.
Whilst travelling on another of his amazing journeys, Justin stopped by a pretty spectatuclar looking lake to freeze the moment in time.

All we've got to say is... dat ass!

Don't worry, Justin doesn't spend all of his time walking around naked (although some of you would love that!), he also took a break from his whirlwind life to enjoy the small things.

Now that you've had your daily dose of the Biebs, you can go about the rest of your day daydream about dat ass...
Here it is again, in case Instagram decides to be a party pooper and take it down.