SPEAK OUT host, Dingaan Mokebe ka Khumalo, and his ex-girlfriend, Tsholofelo Matshaba, aired their dirty laundry live on Kaya FM last week!
Dingaan was on a live show, Home with Mapaseka Mokwele, on Tuesday – to talk about men who are denied access to their children.
The Muvhango actor, who plays James, alleged Tsholo hasn’t allowed him to see his daughter since 2010. He said he stopped paying papgeld in 2011 and added his attorneys have been struggling to reach Tsholo.
But during Wednesday’s show an angry Tsholo snapped back.
She told Mapaseka and the listeners: “He (Dingaan) was given a chance to be on the show in the child’s best interest. But instead he took that platform to assassinate my character and spread lies about me not allowing him access to the child.”
Her manager and husband Chris Matshaba told Sunday Sun: “We had to fight for Tsholo to be able to give her side on the show. I contacted Mapaseka and her producer, asking them to give her the same opportunity he got.
“Dingaan has never been denied an opportunity to see his child. We’re talking about two people who don’t know each other. She calls me papa.”
Chris claimed: “Dingaan is lying about trying to reach Tsholo and not getting hold of her. He knows where she lives and knows where her parents stay.
“They’re upset to have been dragged into this.”
He alleged every year, Dingaan runs to the media without calling Tsholo.
“He’s afraid to talk to her as he used to beat her up. When I met her she was not okay. She had to go through counselling and was traumatised by all the damage he had caused. It took her a year to heal,” claimed Chris.
He said he has no issues with Dingaan, but he needs to respect Tsholo, his daughter and the rest of the family.
This week Dingaan said: “I spoke too much about these things. I don’t have anything to say any more.”
Tsholo said what Dingaan’s doing is annoying.
“It bleeds through to my new family. I have to account for his lies to my husband and my family.
“He’s scared to face me as he used to physically abuse me while we were dating. What kind of a dad is he who wants to be reminded of his responsibilities?” she said.
Source:Sunday Sun