Afro Pop singer and dance exponent Chomee is depressed. That’s because her star is waning fast.
This came after the man in her life (her manager, self proclaimed king of Kwaito and 999 music boss Arthur Mafokate) apparently dumped her for Cici, the new kid on his record label. Songstress Cici was recently crowned queen of RnB at the Metros for her smash hit single Runaway.
With the ANC gigs in which she was a regular feature having dried up, Chomee, real name Thulisile Madihlaba, feels her days in the limelight are fast coming to an end. The star, who once danced with the country’s top politicians, the likes of President Jacob Zuma said she was hospitalised recently due to depression.
Her instagram posts paint a gloomy picture of an isolated star, moaning of not getting gigs an regretting venturing into the entertainment industry. ‘I mean, performing is my passion, and all, but how could something you love so much bring about so much sadness?’ she asked on Insta.
‘I sat in my hospital bed last night and realised I have no one, no one, I was there because I don’t have anyone close to tell. Didn’t want to call my boss/manager, he got a life of his own. He’s been holding my hands since forever, and it’s kind of not fair on him. I’ve learned such a lot from this year. Encountered a lot of ups and downs, more downs but ya, whatever. Realised a lot of things both professionally and personally. I forgot how much potential I have but I’m happy to say that I’ve come out stronger than I ever thought I’d be. Thank you. I have to lose now and I’m coming in very hard’
She continued,’ I appreciate the support I have been getting from friends. People thought they could defeat me, but I’m the child of the Almighty, and no one will take away what God has given me,’
Chomee was did not answer her phone and SMSes this week. Her caller tune even played Adele’s sombre hit song Hello.
According to Arthur ‘I am not aware of the complaints as nothing was brought to my attention’
Source : SundayWorld